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Tools With Real Value... 

 HR Benefit Portal

 Consolidated Billing and Web Portal

 Proposal Development Tool

 Agency Management System

 Employee Communication Design Tool

Our unique, simple to use HR-Benefit Port allows you to create a communication website for each of your employer groups, allowing them and their employees to access a variety of benefit data, forms and rate information.

Each group portal is customizable with the employer's colors and logo, and branded with your name and logo as well. 

Our Proposal Development Tool enables you to...

  • develop professional, sophisticated sales proposals,
  • draw from a customized library of carrier data,
  • easily create detailed spreadsheet comparison pages, and
  • archive proposals for future reference.

A Consolidated Billing And Web Portal Service is available to provide you with a unique marketing and retention advantage.   Through this program, your customers can:

  • Process changes for all carriers electronically in one location,
  • Utilize one universal enrollment form for all carriers,
  • Allow their employees to utilize a fast, easy electronic open enrollment function,
  • Quickly access all carrier forms.

An Agency Management System...

Allowing you to:
  • track all your client contact data,
  • attach documents,
  • store benefit and rate information,
  • set renewal reminder notices,
  • archive past data for reference,
  • and much more!

Our Employee Communication Tool allows you to select a template and design employee communication pieces for your customers...with their benefit information and logo. 

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